Beat offen Morphose

​​"Reluctant as i am to give program notes . I believe you decide yourself on what a piece should say to you, I have given a guide only to each section.. Please ,enjoy!
This piece started to develop over 5 years ago when Geraldine came to my classes and I wanted to create something for her.
My good friend Beat Frei had very kindly offered music that fascinated me . The metric rhythm and almost monotonous pulse, asked for sharp angular rebounding movements that could echo the musical structure. Once the foundation was secured we were able to layer the piece with a style and choreographic voice that moved it along. Point shoes added later, gave an almost steel strength to the fragility of the dancer.
The 2nd Music section played live by Ioana llie shows us a quieter introduction and also a slightly faster Allegretto section that places the atmosphere in another space whilst at the same time keeping a thread to Beethoven
3rd section starts as a duet with a faster pace and some solo for the male. Running , chasing , searching moving forward and exploring.
It was obvious that I needed a more lyrical movement for the 4th section and gave a flowing costume and soft shoes to help show a fluid, softer touch to accompany and compliment the lilting voice. A haunting image with the return to the undertones of Beethoven."

(Kevin Richmond)

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